Monday, September 27, 2010

Manik Kayu 1 - PR part 1

Richard (right), with two kids from the Catholic High School in PJ

Calm before the storm: Beginning of the first session

In good spirits: Richard and Bob

I gave my word to my buddy Bob that I would sit in with him to complete the Wood Badge training programme.
The Senior Scout unit course which is the 26th installment of its series, don't come by easily as it is rarely held.
We managed to link up with our contacts (Scouters in their 40s and just like us, had faced some succession issues in the past..) and signed up for the course at the MBS primary school in Kuala Lumpur.
But first - here's the bare facts: We've left Scouting some 25 years ago and our last posting were student leaders for our secondary school.
We had never followed the national scheme or whatsoever in complying with the test standards for the merit badges.
Anyways, all good things said and done, we were out there to learn everything from scratch.
And as a word of advice from Richard Ling, our course mate - just play dumb.
So, that said, we found ourselves at MBS primary school on Friday noon and found that there was a toss-up for the Wood Badge course.
There was not enough quota and things seemed kinda slim for the course to begin till everyone agreed to commence the Senior Scout programme.
Class started late and only at 8pm, the first session began.
I found myself in a Patrol with five other guys, two of them, Mr Chan and Mr Michael were teachers.
Another guy is an employee with the Railways, while one is a student and the last guy, well, who turned out to be a real prick and a shithead -- is a commissioned scouter with a district.
The best part of a short course as such -- is the clash of different characters.
Some are nice folks, others are there to test out the situation.
And the phrase: "Still water runs deep.." did cast my suspicion.
On day one, it was purely a warm-up lap for the participants.
It ran late into the night and ended at 1:30am.
Since we didn't have dinner, Bob, Richard and I went down to Petaling street for a bite and later crashed in our tents...
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