Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Battle of the high-end compact camera

Nikon's answer to the Canon powershot series
New and improved: the Canon powershot G-12

Nikon and Canon would be battling it out with the introduction of their high-end
semi-professional compact cameras the P700 (Nikon) and Powershot G-12
(Canon).This will be an exciting showdown as the photographic equipment
manufacturing giants are showcasing a leap in digital imaging technology with
their pocket cameras.The G-12 will succeed the G-11 which was introduced late last year.Compared to its predecessor, the G-10, the G-11 is a slightly improved model
with low-light capture capabilities.But it lacked of High Definition video capabilities.The G-12, on the other hand, boasts of HD video capture as well as a HDR
capture mode on still.This would be a great feature for on-site photography.Nikon's P700, on the other hand, boasts of several new features such as their
high quality ED coating and high ISO capture on still.My money is on the G-12 as several improvements have been tweaked and
as the timing dictates, its the timely successor of my ageing G-10.
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