Sunday, September 19, 2010

Collateral damage

Banting became the spotlight of a high-profile murder case of late.This is a sleepy hollow which few people would bother to even talk about and
with the demise of a cosmetic queen in the hands of a local lawyer and his
henchmen, the cops have seized his assets and combed the place for more
forensic evidence.The latest news from this neighbourhood was the lawyer's pedigree dogs that
were destroyed by the Kuala Langat District Council.All nine of this pooches: Rottweilers, Dalmatians (spelled Dalmation by a kid's
newspaper today) including a Boxer were 'humanely' put down.It was also reported that the dogs have turned 'aggressive' and had attacked
the livestocks in the murder suspect's farm.What a waste.The dogs could have been rescued and what they did, was a feral instinct to
survice. They were not fed for some time and had turned on the farm animals.I think this action would raise some protest from animal lovers especially
dog-rescuers.The pooches might have been given a second chance if the rescuers have
access to them.What the daily had published by displaying the dog's carcass like a hunter's
trophy in my opinion: was utterly tasteless.
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