Thursday, September 2, 2010


Mr Tan is a year or two shy of hitting 40.He's a friend of ours and I was told that mid-life crisis had struck him.To me, Mr Tan seems like a nice guy who has no malice and is loving every
single minute of his life.I knew for a fact that Mr Tan loves cars and souping them up.Recently, he blew some money on a second-hand Subaru Impreza WRX.Personally-speaking, I don't give a flying fuck about guys and their cars.To me, people who don't have anything to talk about except cars are losers.A vehicle gets me from point A to B. Period.Like many other guys hitting mid-life, Tan is not alone.I see some old Ah Peks riding BMW dual-purpose bikes around town. As long as they didn't hurt anyone in the process of getting what they want, its
fine with me.Guys will be guys and its hard to seperate the boys from their toys.To me, hitting the mid-point meant many things.Either you have made it, or would die trying.I chose none. I never compare with other people because that would be
unfair.I earn my wages and put my hard-earned meals on the table and whatever
comes on the side as extras - I would consider as a bonus.Life needs to be lived, I am doing that.
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