Monday, September 6, 2010

Kem Usaha

I've just conducted a weekend camp with my buddy Bob Lew to help a bunch of boy scouts with the merit badges.
There are several aspects that got me thinking about them.
Firstly, they were neglected by their leaders. None of them have basic camping skills.
Teaching them the right way of course, was our task.
We took them camping for a night at Sungai Tua forest reserve which is a State park located about 30-minutes from KL's city centre.
There were four boys in the group. There were 14-year-old and one is a 15-year-old kid.
Bob and I had prepared for this a month ago and talked about their characters.
One of them were given the task to organize his group.
This lil fella turned out to be a true manipulator.
He got the others to work, while he sits back and did almost nothing.
Another kid is literally a brat.
The only boy with potential is the quiet one. Never talks much, pretty much puts the manipulative kid in his place.
As for the older kid, his mother wants him to be a King scout. At all cost. She even bribed Bob with packed pork chops! Hahah!
Way I see it, the kids have to work very had to prove themselves worth of the three merit badges in the Boy Scout's scheme.
This was decided by Bob who is a good judge of character.
I saw how they worked and summed up that there's much to be done.
As a matter of fact, their troop has lagged behind so far, its in a state of disarray.
That said, we would have a lot to do in getting them back on track.
Next test would be a 6km journey.

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