Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dahon's 2010 Jetstream EX

Basic specs: The affordable full-suspension Jetstream P8

Most advanced full-suspension folding bike in the world: the Dahon Jetstream EX

I haven't been checking out the folding bike scene of late.Recently, I found out that Dahon's 2010 version of their full-suspension
Jetstream EX is something that is out of this world.This small folding bike which is meant for urban commuting features some
top-of-the line components.Everything about this bike is right and I was told that Le Run Bicycles Malaysia
who is the sole importer of Dahon folding bicycles have actually brought in a
few throughout last year.Their Marketing Manager Chanson Lau told me that there is one in stock at
their showroom in Desa Hartamas.I took this cue and told my buddy C.M. Khor about it because he is in the
market for a full-suspension folding bike.But what turned up at Desa Hartamas was actually a Jetstream P8.This is a mid-range bike with basic components. Very nice, but not really my
cup of tea.Having taken the Speed P8 out and about, I must say that my next bike would
be a 24-speed foldie.I hope to find out more about the availability of the Jetstream EX in Malaysia.
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