Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pulau Ketam ride

Me, riding on a raised pavement on the island

Michelle, cycling around the village..

Michelle and I decided to make a day-trip to Pulau Ketam recently.We prepared our Dahon folding bikes for this adventure and researched a bit
about the island located off Port Klang which is about 20-minutes drive from
our home in Subang Jaya.But things had hit a snag when the Dahon Curve D3 bike's wheel tube had
ruptured.I heard a loud hiss after filling it with air and found a flat front tire.What a bummer!But luck was on our side as we found a bicycle shop in Sungai Way and had
the damaged tube replaced.It didn't take long to get to Port Klang as the roads on the second day of Hari
Raya was clear.To our surprise, we found a large crowd queuing up at the jetty and slowly
made our way to the air-conditioned ferry.This was also the first time we brought the bikes out and the boatman actually
shouted at us for bringing the Dahons into the cabin.We put up a poker face and boarded for the 35-minute ride to the island.When we alighted from the boat, the jetty area was full with people who are
mostly from the Klang Valley.In a zip, we set up the bikes and rode around the main village area.There were some temples which are the main tourist attraction on the island.After touring some of the spots including two main bridges linking the houses
to the main jetty, we decided to have lunch and call it a day.
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