Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Kayu wars

My big, big, big boss sent me a text message this morning.It read: "Please do a story on the 'other' Kayu'.Orders are orders, I replied and said: "Will do".This was made in reference to my column on Nasi Kandar.I featured Kayu Nasi Kandar in USJ 10 Taipan. It was done to fulfill my pork-free food quota for Ramadan which I have
pledged to my boss.So, I went on a mission to feature some makan places during my rounds and
one of those nights, I landed myself at Kayu.I ordered a plate of Nasi Kandar and paid RM13.50 for the meal consisting
fish roe, beef cooked in soya sauce and some vegetables.It was overpriced and service sucked.All I needed was a set of pictures to corroborate my story which I wrote
according to what I had experienced. That was it.And today, there was a mixed reaction and some dude actually text messaged
me to say: "Wah, so you brave ah?""Brave?," I asked."Yeah, most reviews would be nice," replied the guy.I told him that I paid for my meal and gave an honest view of what I ate. That
was all.Its never ballsy to do so as I would be sincere on sharing my experience.There some interesting developments arising from the comment and I'll have
to wait and see what's on my plate in the days to come...
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