Monday, September 27, 2010

Manik Kayu 1 - PR part 3

Bob receiving his cert from National trainer Jamal
Cleaning up the campsite..

The patrol and their prized gadget..

I survived 36 hours of sleep deprivation, bad food and the lousy weather that flooded my tent.
The last session before we are allowed to be dismissed from the wood badge course was 'Patrol system' and 'The organisational structure in scouting' by trainer Mr Sia.
Now, strangely, news travelled fast.
We were singled out as 'old timers' in the fold.
I will spare the story.
Anways, after sitting through the course and ending the last two sessions, we were handed out our certs.
From this point, we've passed our part 1 of the course.
All participants were given the mandate to wear their leather woggles as a significant mark that they have completed part 1 of their Senior Scouts' Wood Badge.
This was formalised with a closing ceremony and the rest was history.
To me, the last two days taught me many things.
One apparent fact is that you can learn from the younger set.
Bob and I have set our target for the final part of the Wood Badge programme which is set in November.
Hopefully, we will meet some old friends from the part 1 sessions.
Who knows? Our young Commissioner lad may be a part of it too!

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