Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dahon Speed TR

The adjustable Andros stem - unique only to the Speed TR
This one is a different animal: The Dahon Speed TR features a hub dynamo for personal electronic power-up and charging, twin touring racks and a 24-speed drive train. This is everything a touring rider would hope for!

I met a guy who wanted to tour on a folding bike.He said he don't have much confidence on riding one as most of these bikes
are flimsy.Then he muttered the magic word: "Speed P8".I responded by telling him that the Dahon Speed P8 is not suitable for touring
as it comes only with an 8-speed drive train.For the long-haulers, there's the Speed TR which is built specifically for
tourers. To cut the long story short, you don't have to outfit this bike with all the bells
and whistles as it comes complete with a set of pannier rack covering front
and the rear of the bicycle.I have the Speed P8 and am very satisfied with its overall built.But the Speed TR has everything that a touring cyclist would want. Even the drive train is maximised to give a 24-speed selection which is very
useful on the trail.Rating-wise, this bike is given three notches and is just one bar before the
high-end Speed TT roadster.Price? Well, I guess it'll cost a lot if Le Run Industries would bring it in.

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