Monday, September 27, 2010

Flu and life in the 40s

I caught a cold on Wednesday which developed into a flu in less than 24 hours.
On Thursday, I was as sick as a dog.
My body was weakened with the loss of fluid and a mild fever.
I did nothing much but to sleep it off.
My body needs rest and some off the shelf medication did provide relief.
Funny thing is this: I had 24 hours to partially recover and move on to my Wood Badge course at a Primary school in KL.
Flu or no flu, the show must go on.
Even on Friday noon, I was still feeling sick.
As my body is slowly recovering, the physical and mental demands of learning and staying up all night at the course kinda gave the 'back-up' system on my body to kick in.
Throughout the course, I did not take any form of medication and actually held on pretty well.
The only thing I missed, was sleep.
So, I got plenty of this after returning from the camp and slept through the entire Sunday evening.
On Monday, it was a period of rest and also plenty of relaxation.
I caught at least two movies on cable TV and the rest of the day, chilled out with the dogs..
The flu is gone and what's left, is some discomfort on the chest.
And now, it seems that a lot of people in the office are down with some sort of cough and flu..
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