Friday, September 17, 2010

Generation R

Times have changed.
I don't buy into the 'Generation X' and 'Y' thing as most middle-aged folks
would put it.Recently, a management trainee reminded me of 'Generation Y', where the
kids of today had benefited from their parent's wealth and generosity.For a 21-year-old, she's definitely hit the mark. Even a fogie like me could not afford a Blackberry smartphone, let alone fork
out bills for the call and data plans.I was told that its a 'Generation Y' thing.Young people today depend on gadgets and gizmos because that is their
lifestyle.Time and again, I resisted stuff like the Blackberry, iphone and now: the ipad.To me, its a pure waste of money.I keep in touch with people on my cellphone. So far, so good.For for those insignificant people who cannot live without their iphones and
Blackberries, I would classify them as 'Generation R' (Retard).In Malaysia, we get ripped off every second and minute of the day.To pay RM2.9K for an i-phone and Blackberry is simply daylight robbery.Way I see it, people who pay such an exhorbitant amount is making that retard Steve Jobs richer by the minute.Now, the thing to ask is this: "Do we really need them?". The rest, I leave it to you..
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