Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bentong - Karak Ride part 1

At the East Coast highway

The undulating terrain at Kg Sg Dua near Karak
Finally, after weeks of planning, we made it to Karak, Pahang.
Our plan was to ride from Karak town, which is located about 1hr 30mins away from Subang Jaya and head to Bentong, which about 20km in distance.
Seems like an easy ride, but Karak is actually a valley surrounded by mountains and if you are unfit, there's plenty of good workout here.
Riding in this part of Pahang also gave me the opportunity to try out the Endomondo training software which is optimised for smartphones.
With my LG Optimus 2X in my pouch, I lugged this baby for three hours, recording every detail of the ride including location tracking, altitude, distance and ride statistics.
That aside, we've had a good start from Karak.
The weather was good, timing was perfect.
We rode out of town at 08:15am after catching up with Ah Pan and farmer Wong - our contact person there.
The first 15 minutes was easy. But as we moved further away from Karak, the terrain began to yield its ugly face.
This time round, I rode my Dahon Speed P8 loaded with two Ortlieb frontroller panniers. 
These are small compared with the larger backrollers, but it'll do.
Both packs are loaded at half its capacity.
Even so, the sheer weight added to the rear of the bike can be felt when I was cycling on high gear.

To be continued....
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