Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eh! Faster la!

I met a middle-aged dude in a bicycle shop sometime back.
He says he never go slower than 30km/h.
That's fast.
In a foldie's term that is.
When I push my bike to its limit, I can hit 25km/h.
That takes a lot of effort on high gear and to maintain that rhythm on long-hauls, its gonna take a lot of training.
My folding bike can go fast. That's a fact.
But there are a few that can make a roadie eat his words.
I don't want to get there.
Maybe that was his ego talking.
If you hit 50km/h and smack a pothole, you'd probably have a couple of appointment with your dentist and plastic surgeon.
As a foldie, speed is not important. In proper order: Safety is paramount. Then, there are stuff like your fitness level, endurance and staying power on the pedal.
That's why I shy away from getting myself a road bike.
There's just too many of them out there and just any wannabe, never-were or has been would want to be in the peloton.
That said, I can see plenty of long-hauls ahead!
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