Sunday, May 8, 2011

Karak - Sg Ulu ride route

The 81.2km route from Kg Cinta Manis to Sg Ulu in Pahang
I'm pretty upbeat with the prospect of cycling from Kg Cinta Manis in Karak, Pahang to Sg Ulu near Raub.
This is a long-haul cutting across some kampung route which is shy of heavy traffic which I think is plausible for a short tour with a fully loaded bike.
The plan is to start from Farmer Wong's place.
So, here's the low-down.

May 20 - Depart KL, spend a night at Farmer Wong's.
May 21 - Ride from Karak town to Kg Cinta Manis and towards Raub, hook up with Ng Chee Keat and stay at his jungle retreat.
May 22 - Cycle back to Karak and head back to KL.

Its a straight-forward ride and way I see it, we should encounter some undulating terrain along the way, especially to Sg Ulu. Another option is to stay in Raub and then, head to Sg Ulu.
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