Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mission: Karak

Located about 1 hour away from the Klang Valley, Karak in Pahang is an ideal spot for those who love the outdoors. Cycling around this town is awesome too!
Ah Pan, an old friend of mine had rang me up earlier in the day.
He wanted to know if it was okay to cycle around Karak over the weekend.
Sunday may be a good start because I managed to score the day off.
If its on, we'll be cycling to Bentong, a small town which is roughly about 23km one-way.
Looks like a simple ride in the countryside, but I anticipate some dangerous sectors - especially enroute to Bentong via the KL-Karak Highway.
The highlights on this trip would include some good makan in Bentong town and back in Karak.
I think I need to make up for that no-show last weekend and hope that Michelle would be up to the task...
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