Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kuala Selangor - Sabak Bernam - Kuala Selangor ride part 3

It took us three and a-half hours to get to Sabak Bernam from Kuala Selangor

A row of wooden shops at the fringe of town

Time to hit the road..
It took a while to comprehend that Sabak Bernam is only 32km away from Teluk Intan.
Our intention was to ride from Subang Jaya to Teluk Intan which is an achievable feat.
By the time we got to Sabak Bernam, we had rode for 62km one-way.
What surprised me was a short bicycle lane in this town.
Michelle and I had decided to take a short detour into town where we spent less than 30 minutes circling the area.
If we pushed for an hour or more, we would be in the fringe of Teluk Intan.
After riding for 60km, the effects of fatigue and pain was already seeping in, slowly.
At 2.30pm, we decided that it was best to head back towards Kuala Selangor.
The ride from Sabak Bernam to Sekinchan was 33.4km and this was the killer stretch.
As far as it comes to touring rides, I told Michelle to brace herself for three things - bad road, mad drivers and insane people.
This was apparent when some heavy vehicle was speeding down the road.
Some drivers were courteous enough to avoid hitting us while a few drove really close to the white line.
On three occassions, some shithead actually shouted from their vehicles.
We hit the 90km mark near Sg Haji Dorani and by the time we were getting near Sekinchan, our butts were already sore.
This was the crucial point where the mind and body would just break down.
Michelle said she was getting hungry and split-second decision made here - was to have a light meal in Sekinchan..
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