Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kuala Selangor - Sabak Bernam - Kuala Selangor ride part 2

Migrating birds nesting at Sekinchan

Crossing a water gate

The inner roads towards Sungai Besar

Towards Sungai Besar
The distance from Sekinchan to Sungai Besar is much further that we thought.
We took an inner road and had a great time cycling around the parit area.
There are fewer vehicles here as the roads are narrow and poorly maintained.
By the time we were reaching Sungai Besar, our water supply was already running low.
We made a turn back to the main road and bought a bottle to refill.
With Sungai Besar in the distance, we decided to take the inner road and made it all the way to Sungai Besar town.
Traffic was really heavy in this area.
Michelle and I decided to take a break and see if the weather would hold.
The sky was already dark and checks on our mobile internet link indicated that there is a probability of rain.
But after the weather had improved, we decided to push on.
We rode past a landfill in Sungai Besar and turned back towards the Kuala Selangor - Teluk Intan road.
The distance to cover is about 12.6km to Sabak Bernam.
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