Monday, May 30, 2011

The preying mantis

The mantis having its lunch
Saturday was a day of rest.
No cycling, just chilling out at home.
It was also a time for me to catch up with some close-up photography around the neighbourhood.
I chanced upon a preying mantis nymph having its meal on a leaf.
This critter is about 15mm in length and it took a while for me to spot it as its exoskeleton colour had blended really well with its surroundings.
Mantids are found all over my housing estates as there is a small buffer area which is overgrown with foliage.
I learned that the nymphs are black in colour and turns green as they get bigger.
Most of the time, these predatory bugs are docile.
I managed to cap off three shots on the preying mantis and only one had came out sharp.
Since my lens has a shallow depth-of-field, I was happy to have nailed a decent shot of the mantis in action.
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