Sunday, May 29, 2011

Perils of the Samo-cam

Still needs tweaking - the Samo-cam, a handlebar mounted rig for the G12

It works!
The much-anticipated Samo-cam MK1 was tested today at the MPSJ health ride.
I rigged it with a remote shutter release cable fastened to my right hand grip and tried it with flash and the results were disastrous.
Vibration from the ground and lateral force yielded some blur shots.
This was not as bad as shooting it handheld. All I need to do, is to stretch out the neck strap with one hand and fire away.
Previous results with this technique were acceptable.
The Samo-cam MK1 however, did perform well in broad daylight.
Some of the chase shots I made was quite decent, yielding crispy clear and sharp images of the ride.
What I found flawed, was the threaded base.
Due to vibration and lateral force, the medium hygrofriction arm was loosened.
I think the solution is to thread-lock it and I have just the tool for the job.
Two parts on the Samo-cam needs to be tweaked.
First is the base thread and the micro ballhead.
Hopefully, with the problems at bay, I can test it again in Broga next week!
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