Friday, May 6, 2011

Gone Android.. *bleep! bleep!*

I've been resisting smartphones for as long as it takes.
Barely a week ago, I took the plunge.
I signed up for a data plan to be included in my monthly cellular phone voice line package.
This is an additional RM68 on top of the RM48 minimum commitment billing.
Why data?
Having given much thought to touring and staying plugged into the net, I've narrowed down my choices from carrying a mifi-router to an Andriod OS phone with wifi hotspot capabilities.
The choices at this moment, are limited.
I came across some HTC models, which turned out to be very expensive and crappy.
I did made it clear that I won't blow money for a cellphone.
And after sifting through a pile of spec sheets, I ended up with an LG phone. *Read my review.
I could have settled for an iphone 4, but nah, its not my thing.
Why? For operating a wifi hotspot, you have to pay for the apps. This is an upgrade on OS 4.03 for the iphone. So, screw that.
After trying out the data line with my HP Mini netbook, I am confident that the link would not be broken while we are on the road...
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