Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chamang waterfalls

With Farmer Wong at Chamang

Bentong's natural attraction - the Chamang falls
I'm back on the road, fresh from my century ride.
This time - its a recce trip to the Chamang falls in Bentong, Pahang.
Prior to this, I've made some arrangements with Ah Pan, my buddy.
In Bentong, I met up with Farmer Wong, Ah Pan's boss and ride 10km with him to the falls.
It was an easy ride for the first 4km and things got a little tougher when the road leads to a series of hills with a steady incline.
The climb towards Chamang falls was a killer as I lugged some 12kgs of photographic equipement.
Here's a tip: ditch the backpack and load up your panniers.
I was already bonked by the time I reached km 8 on the route.
The rest was an easy roll towards the park area at the falls.
At Chamang, we rested and I took the opportunity to snap some shots of the rapids there.
After chilling out there for nearly an hour, we rode back to Bentong.
Farmer Wong treated me to a meal at Karak before we headed out to his farm in Sertik.
I called it a day after doing some work at the farm...
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