Monday, May 9, 2011

Full load endurance ride - Tg Karang - Sabak Bernam

The planned route - Tg Karang - Sabak Bernam, Selangor

My fully-loaded Dahon Speed P8
Do or die, I am ready to take on the road.
One of my planned rides was from Subang Jaya to Teluk Intan.
This did not materialise as my wife's working schedule was utterly fucked-up.
Our level of fitness is also not up to par as Michelle was struggling on her 24-speed bike in Bentong recently.
With a full load, the Dahon Speed P8 would easily weigh about 60kgs and both ends of the bike's pannier would be strapped up with my Ortlieb panniers.
With a flat terrain, I am confident of completing the ride in less than 10 hours.
This time, we won't be ploughing the paddy fields, instead, use the inner roads from Jln Kilang Padi in Tg Karang to Sabak Bernam.
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