Saturday, May 14, 2011

Polishing up some rusty photographic skills

A friendly lynx spider photographed at our Jasmine tree
I was quite bummed with the postponement of our Tg Karang - Sabak Bernam ride today.
Michelle was suffering from exhaustion and could not make it for the long haul cycling trip.
So, with a real hot weather and a little diversion, I dug up my photographic equipment and rigged up my Canon EOS 7D D-SLR, MPE-65 F2.8 macro lens and MT-24EX twin flash and lugged it to my favourite bug shooting spot.
The place has been overgrown with shrubs and it took a while till I spot a jumping spider. This was a male Orange-Yellow jumper.
I snuck up to the sensitive arachnid and fired away a few shots. 
Managed to get a full body shot and a 2.5x close-up of the spider's head.

The Orange-Yellow jumper
I worked around the area and found another female spider. But since it was moving around a bunch of pandan leaves, getting a clear shot was out of the question. The hot and dry weather is ideal for bug photography and this is something that I had really missed over half a year.
I've been concentrating on cycling so much, I hardly have any time to go around and shoot my favourite subject: the jumping spider.
That said, there's plenty of catching up to do...
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