Friday, May 6, 2011

LG Optimus ME

LG's Optimus ME is an entry-level smartphone loaded with features
IT could have been a nokia or apple iphone 4.
Nokia, well, sucks in a way because they couldn't keep up with times.
Iphones, urm, not my thing.
I got an LG Optimus ME after signing-up for an additional data package.


The LG Optimus ME is a lightweight cellular phone. Its entire casing is made of plastic and has a 320x480 pixel touch screen.
Its a small phone with the right size for my pocket and seems to be unobstrusive at all times. And since its also pretty light, its seen a little bit of pocket time.
On the whole, its a handsome little phone - GPS enabled and capable of web-browsing, push email and a whole lot of features.
What I like, is the USB thetering and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities.


This phone doesn't lag on starting up. Battery life is pretty decent and charging is at ease with a USB cable. You can plug it onto your PC and it'll charge. A special Android driver is needed in order to connect the phone to your laptop.

It has a simple interface, very friendly even to beginners.


If you have a need for speed, this phone is slow. Run too many applications, it would come to a crawl. Since the screen is also very small, you would need reading glasses is your age is pushing the 40s. I found that the touch screen is not as responsive as my gen 4 apple ipod.


If you expect a line of accessories for this phone. Forget about it. And yeah, I was unlucky because my LG Optimus ME crashed and hanged. I got it replaced with a bigger, better, badder and faster LG. *Read my next review..
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