Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The 'reunion'

Some fogies are getting together for an ego trip in June
The last time I attended a so-called reunion party for ex-staff, it was a disaster.
It was held at the National Press Club in Jalan Tangsi, Kuala Lumpur.
My old friend KC Chai had invited me to attend the party which was organised by a few ex-staff from the Sunday Mail.
I did my internship there before I was hired by the New Straits Times where I served from 1995 - 2008.
Technically-speaking, I don't exist at this news organisation.
But speaking of training, I had some of the best mentors in the business.
The organisation didn't do much for me, but what kept me going was the people whom I worked with.
I had bad start with the New Straits Times because barely two weeks into the job as a cub reporter, I was thrown into the Supplements desk.
In the years that pursued, I kinda lost my bearings till I had my break in 1998.
As a lowly reporter, it was the best year in career.
A year later, I was chucked to the Malay Mail where I worked until late 2005.
This was the most trying time in my career as I had to deal with a narcisstic middle management guy who ruled with an iron fist.
I dealt with it and had worked in two outstation bureaus before rotating back to the world in late 2004.
A year later, I would return to the New Straits Times where I worked as a feature writer under a female editor.
Now, speaking of loyalty, my stint there was a classic case of betrayal.
After nearly 15 years in the organisation, I decided that it was best to move on.
I left the burden of bad memories behind with the New Straits Times.
And I scoff at any attempt to 're-unite' with the so-called big names and players in the industry.
Some of the names mentioned in the ex-NST google group are blood-sucking attention seeking leeches. That much I can say.
So, to the fogies who are attending this gathering of egos, have fun!
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