Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Camera buff

Panasonic's latest high end compact camera: the Lumix LX-5

The evil twin sister: Lieca Digilux-5

I met some old friends for lunch on Monday and in our discussion, we talked
about photography.One of them, a retiree, is a camera buff.I had the faintest idea on his fixation on high-end compact camera until he told
me about his acquisition: the Panasonic Lumix LX-3 and Canon Powershot
G-11.Both are impressive tools to capture good photographs. But without the eye behind it, the camera is an inanimate object.He wasn't too pleased when I told him that Panasonic has a lousy
user-interface and that there were too many steps to manipulate the camera's
controls.Recently, Panasonic announced the replacement model for the LX-3 which is
aptly called the LX-5.Many camera buffs are jumping onto this new camera that offers a bright
aperture of F2.0 on its 24-90mm Lieca DC Vario Summicron lens.I am impressed with Panasonic's effort which also translates to Lieca's range
of high-end compact camera.Similarly, Lieca has a twin sister of the LX-5 called the Digilux-5 which costs
five times as much.I wouldn't touch that camera with a 10-feet pole.All good things said and done, Panasonic has a good system and with the
Lieca lenses, its bound to produce some good images.But if you are a crappy cameraman, even the best cameras can only yield
some mediocre results. I guess this is the case for the camera buff.
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