Monday, October 18, 2010

Raleigh bicycle returns..

The Raleigh Chopper was a hit in the 70s

The Raleigh Senior - an inexpensive bicycle  
I got my first bicycle at the age of 9 and riding it was a scary experience. That same year, as I got better riding it, I began to wander even further from home, sometimes, with the neighbourhood kids.
The only thing that I never did, was to cycle on the main road.
In the mid-70s, the rave about town was a Raleigh Chopper. Almost every kid who has one was a popular person.
In my neighbourhood, there countless of thefts when it comes to the chopper.
Soon, the 70s died out. And so did the Chopper. And this year, it is 42-years-old. Even older than me!
Later, when I turned 16, my family bought me a Raleigh street bike and at RM450, the bike was something that I really treasured. 
It has a Look saddle and some really cool European components including a matching tire pump that mounts snugly on its seat post.
I rode this street bike until the age of 26 and gave up because each time the tire went flat, I had to patch it up.
Eventually, it rotted away gathering dust at my aunt's home in Setapak.
Recently, I visited a bicycle shop in USJ 4 and rekindled my contact with the owner Mr Siow. He runs the place with his son who did a damn good job manning the store's website.
Siow showed me the Raleigh Senior priced at RM450 a piece.
For a basic bike with a front suspension, its not bad.
Any kid can own one because its inexpensive.
There were also some Raleigh hybrid bicycles on sale, but none caught my eyes other than the Senior which is nicely priced.
Perhaps growing up with a Raleigh did bring back some good memories after all..
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