Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend with the dogs

Michelle and I have been going to 1 Utama's Central Park since we had our dog six years ago.
Our female Siberian Husky Dame Queenie had literally been there since she was a puppy.
I came to know about the 2010 Cutie Pet Fair on Facebook and took the chance to take our dogs out for a morning at the Park.
This is one of few dog-friendly places in the Klang Valley.
As long as we take care of the place like scooping up after the pooch poops, there won't be pressure to ban dogs from going there.
And like the usual, we spent half the day there and made our way back by noon.
We saw plenty of toy dog owners and some usual faces from last year.
At the fair, I met a young couple who brought along a pair of Sibes.
One is a bi-eye black and white male and his companion, a 6-month-old Grey-White female.
We chatted a bit and found out that we live in the same township.
With the scorching sun and heat, I decided to call it a day by 12 noon.
The rest was left for cleaning up and doing chores at home.
Tomorrow morning, we are going for a folding bike ride in the City with a bunch of Dahon folding bike owners..
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