Friday, October 8, 2010

Spyderco C36ti

I picked up my first Spyderco C36 'Military' folding knife back in 1999.It was a no-frills folding knife featuring G-10 thermoplastic handles and a
'nested' steel liners.Sceptics have very bad impression of its 'flimsy' G-10 scales and its rather
'thin' liner lock.But this knife proved otherwise.Its sleek and low profile allows you to carry it around in your pants pocket and
once deployed, the blade has plenty of cutting power.I've been carrying a Spyderco Military for more than 10 years and its never
failed me.Recently, Spyderco announced its latest incarnation of the 'Millie' with Titanium
scales and a framelock.This was well-received as it puts Spyderco as a leader in knife manufacturing
technology.In a small slip, Spyderco pays acknowledgement to knifemaker Chris Reeve
for the patented framelock.To sum it up, the Titanium Military is a knife built to cater for demanding
situations and if you want the best of high technology and performance, this is
the folding knife to go for.
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