Monday, October 18, 2010

Nikon P700

The P700 is Nikon's latest high-end compact digital camera
I friend of mine told me about his Nikon P600 which went kaputt when he visited Hong Kong.
This guy is an avid shutterbug and a camera buff.
He's got plenty of good things to say about the P600 and was shown the P700 at the Hong Kong Nikon service centre.
I was a Nikon user and I must say that they make some really good cameras.
But not compact cameras. 
Their new P700 would look like a Canon powershot G10 if you pay some attention to details. But both cameras are not alike. 
I had a hands-on session with the P700 and found that the LCD display is much better than the powershot G12.
Even its user interface had improved tremendously. 
Speaking of focal length coverage, the P700 would give its user a 28mm-200mm zoom - perhaps the longest telephoto in its class. 
And if you want to enhance its wide-angle capabilities, a 21mm wide-angle adapter lens is available as an optional accessory.
Pound for pound, I bet the P700 would be a complement to the Nikon D-SLR user out there.
But the one thing that ticked me off is the fact that this pocket camera is made in Indonesia.
Nevertheless, its a solid contender to the Powershot G12 which is still manufactured in Japan.

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