Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If the crown fits..

Inexpensive fit: the Limar Green-Black cycling helmet
When it comes to finding a cycling helmet that fits, money isn't everything.
You can have the most high-end protection, but if doesn't fit, its as good as a lemon.
I found this the hard way when I went searching for a proper cycling helmet.
During my quest, I found a really solid helmet for my wife and the pricing was excellent. Its made in Italy and comes with a real nice neck strap and inner padding.
Then when it comes to my turn, finding a helmet that fits was nearly impossible.
My search came to a grind when none of the pricier head protection gear can fit. Its either too tight on my cranium, or very loose.
It took a while till one popped up and it fits like Cinderella's glass slipper.
Best of all, it costs only RM90 for this cool helmet.
Compared to other places, its the cheapest find so far.
With a perfect fit and 70% protection, I did not hesitate in grabbing the offer.
Now, Michelle and I are fully outfitted to take on any path and roads.
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