Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Indomie, oh Indomie...

The Taiwanese health authorities had recently imposed a ban on noodles imported from Indonesia.
The 'Indomie mee goreng', which is a popular brand here in Malaysia, was taken off the shelves for containing harmful perservatives that are also used the manufacture of cosmetics.
Now, sadly, these are also the cheapest noodles in our market and I have consumed a sackload of them.
Since they contain preservatives that are banned, I guess my remains would be mummified if I drop dead.
Personally speaking the Indomie mee goreng is tasty, but since there's a scare, I guess people would be dumping their Indonesian import into the garbage bin.
Recent news reports stated that the manufacturer of Indomie had contacted the Taiwanese health authorities to seek further clarification on the ban.
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