Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Enter the bicycle air horn!

The Airzound compact air horn for cyclists
One thing I learned from cycling on the streets is that you must give way to pedestrians.
Manouvering around people on the street is a combination of patience and skills on two wheels.
More than often, people tend to stray onto your path and are oblivious to you and if you are unlucky, that person may wind up injured.
I have no confidence at all with bicycle bells and recently, I read about the airzound air horn.
This gadget is an innovative design that uses compressed air.
Each time you 'charge' its storage bottle, you will get 30 bursts of 115 decilble horn.
This is enough to clear you a path on the busy street and also warn incoming vehicles.
In Malaysia, car owners are totally disrepectful of cyclists.
As a cyclist, one must obey the Law by keeping left at all times. Going against traffic is a no-no!
The Airzound horn is pretty easy to install and I was impressed with its performance.
Now that my Dahon Speed P8 is equipped with the Airzound, I am more confident on my rides..
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