Monday, October 18, 2010

Canon powershot G12 part 2

Twilight in Malacca

Shot with the 'low-light' mode on my G12

Another twilight shot at Malacca
I had a chance to try out my new Canon powershot G12 in Malacca on Sunday. 
Since we left early to get there, it was a perfect chance to give the low-light mode feature a try.
With all those hybrid IS and high ISO capture capabilities thrown-in, my compact camera was able to capture some shots handheld. 
Some pundits from a photography forum said pixelation occurs on this low-light feature which is apparent in the photos shown, but that didn't matter because I basically use the pictures for record.
Anyway, in the newspaper business, high-quality images are not a necessity.
What the G12 can capture compared to its predecessors is truly impressive.
But all these features including the HDR capture has a flaw. It can only be recorded on JPEG.
I got used to shooting in RAW and can only utilise the shots in JPEG.
Again, this doesn't really matter much when I publish the pictures in low-resolution images in the newspaper.


As far as controls are concerned, there is much to fiddle around with if you compare the G12 with the G10.
The swiveling LCD screen came as an advantage for low-angle shots. When I rig my tripod on the ground, I no longer need to squat down low. All I need is to place the LCD to get the right angle. If you shoot landscape, this feature has plenty of advantages.
Although the camera is not as responsive as some micro four-thirds, the G12 is well ahead of cameras within its class. Its much more affordable than the Leica D-Lux 5 and can give the Panasonic Lumix LX-5 a run for its money. Only thing that is absence is a faster lens and of course, the Leica coatings. Then again, I don't need it.
If you compare the user interface, the G-12 is much more friendlier. 
As as image quality is concerned, I am very impressed with the G12 as it is able to deliver some really good and clear shots. 

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