Monday, October 11, 2010

Cycling helmet needed

Revolutionary: The Dahon Pango folding bicycle helmet
After cycling with a bunch of people who came fully equipped with their bicycling helmets, I felt like a complete idiot.
Since I don't cycle on main roads at all, the thought of having a cyclist's helmet just drifted away.
Now that we are a part of a group of cyclists, I guess having a helmet would be on my priority list.
I measured Michelle's head at 56cm in diameter and mine is just two centimetres more.
Fitting would be a problem if the helmet is small and the part that sucks is this: there aren't many bicycle shops specialising in cycling helmets.
Either they are too cheap or very expensive. There is nothing 'mid-range' here in Malaysia.
Another alternative is to find out more from the Singapore riders.
My choice would be the Dahon Pango folding helmet.
This was announced in Eurobike during Summer and it's out of stock at the moment.
I was told by a source that a limited quantity would be made available soon in Malaysia.
So, like it or not, I have to get a helmet for Michelle and settle for the Pango when it arrives.
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