Sunday, October 17, 2010

Malacca Ride Part 1

At Ujong Pasir Portuguese Settlement

A Famosa Fort ruins

The Malacca River at dawn
Michelle and I had little sleep to get an early bird advantage of a trip down to Malacca today.
Our mission was to recce a route with our folding bicycles and the two-hour drive didn't slow us down at all.
We left at 03:30am this morning and arrived in Malacca at about 05:30am. Had some breakfast at a Dim-Sum shop near Masjid Kapitan Kling and chilled out there for an hour.
At 06:30 sharp, we made our way to the Jalan Bendehara open air parking lot and set up our bicycles.
It didn't take much effort to rig up our rides. 
The only thing that took time was my Airzound horn with took a little bit of time to assemble onto my Dahon Speed P8's handlebar.
From the parking lot, we rode through the Stadhuys and made our way to the museum complex.
This is fun because only bicycles are allowed to pass through the 1km trail which led us to the St Francis High School and Equatorial Hotel. 
During our ride, we saw a bunch of school kids who were part of a city run led by the state's Chief Minister Datuk Ali Rustam.
We rode along Jalan Shahbandar towards St John's hill and the destination was Ujong Pasir Portuguese settlement.
The air quality in Malacca was rather poor as it was filled with haze. We can smell the burnt particles probably from a nearby plantation or peat swamp fire.

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