Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The laptop scheme

The Toshiba Protege R700
After a year of service, the Editorial staff in my company is eligible to purchase a laptop under their laptop scheme. 
But there is a catch. The buyer will be bonded for three years before the next upgrade. So far, some of the guys have cycled at least two laptop. 
Our photographers get to replace their worn-out camera bags.
Reporters, on the other hand, are eligible for a camera loan. I did just that by getting a Canon Powershot G10 about a year ago.
Recently, I've applied for the laptop scheme.
My intended purchase is the Toshiba Protege' R700 laptop.
This is the top-of-the line business model with features up to the Ying-Yang.
Best of all, I have to cough up 20% for the purchase and the company would take care of the rest.
My Toshiba Protege' M500 is nearing the end of its service life and the replacement is timely.
Now, recently, the company also offered an Apple ipad purchase scheme. This one, well, I'll have to weather it out..

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