Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Polis, oh polis..

Cops are getting some bad rap these days from citizen journalists. As consumers, we must thread carefully on what people post on the intenet..
I read a post on Facebook about one Pamela Lim's issue with police intimidation.
The said motorist is a dive instructor and adventurer and was stopped by two General Duty policemen on their rounds.
Lim recorded the scene and cited her rights.
Yes, you are entitled to your rights.
And when a cop stops you, they also have the rights and reasons to do so.
All you need to do, is cooperate.
The cops have gotten a bad rap and their image is not popular anymore these days.
People seems to have found a way to manipulate news and tell their side of the story.
Similary, another woman also did the same by recording her encounter with a traffic cop and posted her ordeal on YouTube.
Right or wrong, I don't question the victim.
As for the cops, they will have to take English lessons to deal with 'intelligent' people who 'know their rights to the Ying-Yang'.
My take on this is simple.
If you have broken the Law, cooperate. If the cop dishes you a summons, take it and settle it.
No matter how intelligent you are, the cops are they to uphold the Law.
And for the record, I know Pamela Lim.
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