Monday, October 18, 2010

The folding bicycle

Dahon folding bicycle inventor Dr David Hon and his first creation: The Da Bike

A Da Bike rider from Thailand
I did a Google search on Birdy bicycles and came up with a website called the 'folding cyclist' where there are tonnes of information that you can obtain about folding bicycles.
Now, contrary to what I know, the folding bicycle is not new.
It has been around for ages in many incarnations.
While running through the history of the folding bicycle, I learned that Dahon Bicycles - which was founded by Taiwanese Dr David Hon - has a 60% market share and is the largest manufacturer of such bikes in the world.
Its amazing how Dr Hon's first bicycle - the Da Bike had spawned so many generations of foldies and its also interesting to know that his first bikes are still around.

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