Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hard choices

A guy whom I recently became acquainted with asked me to set him up with a bicycle dealer.
He wants a folding bike.
When the day came, I brought him to the shop and have him try some bikes.
There are a few choices.

The picks
Well, first, there's the Dahon Speed P8.
This is one of the best picks for a bike below RM2K.
It has a solid feel to it, able to haul stuff and can be rigged for touring.
His reaction was: "Ah, too small for me. Not good for image.. "
Then, he tried a Dahon Jetstream P8.
It was a better ride, but the bike can't be rigged with racks for touring.
As a matter of fact, adding weight and baggage will impair the suspension features.
Obviously, it was a better ride, but the answer was no.
Finally, I rigged up the guy to ride the Dahon Mu XL, which in my opinion, is one the best bikes around. 
But the budget couldn't fit the bill.
Now, I know the guy wants to take advantage of my contact for a decent price.
I got nothing to gain from this and certainly nothing to expect.
Just doing him a favour.
And all that jibba-jabba, the guy has yet to commit...
His excuse, 'too busy'.
So, I leave it as it is.

Getting jerked-off..
I get more cynical with age.
Even so, with people I hardly know. 
So, there's this dude who talked so much about getting a new bike, I set him up with a dealer too.
And after doing the legwork, he told me that the sales guy talked him out of getting a bike.
His gain, their loss.
I followed up with a phone call and when the receiving end hurries you to terminate the call, I sense some insincerity in the air.
So, its back the same jibba-jabba and nothing gets done.
When a guy floors you with excuses up to the eyeballs, its best to move on. 
My loss, his gain.

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