Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Way Forward

It's been a good run...
This has been a great year in terms of cycling, going places and meeting new acquaintences.
I've truly enjoyed the short and medium tours around the country and am looking forward to more cycling adventures in 2012.

Stepping up
In the course of acquiring my folding bikes, I've been accused by certain parties for asking free bikes.
And in return for the favour, I become the poster boy for Dahon bicycles and Tern bikes.
I wish it was true, but I must say that my detractors are missing the point.
My bikes were the result of hard work, patience and preserverance.
And there is no such thing as a free-ride. Everything is accountable when you are under public scrutiny.
My work with the Dahon bikes were purely meant as sharing a good product. 
I paid for EVERYTHING reserve my rights to say what I want.
That said, I received an email, asking me to re-phrase certain things I said, in fear of...
But hey, this is my personal opinion!
I am not obligated to do PR for a bike brand.
With the success of the Tern launch over the weekend, I hope that more people would take up cycling and stop bitching about the lack of variety of the good bikes in the market.

Standing firm
I corresponded with my contact in the bike business and told him that I don't want to be seen doing things for this company.
This is bad for my reputation. 
Again, I would like to state for the record that I am NOT paid by them to strategize their media launch.
I merely suggested certain things which they bought lock, stock and barrel.
Does this mean that I am biting the hands that fed me? No way.
What I did was telling them to stop asking me for free consultations. They should pick up from what I have taught them and move on.
The real fight is out there, and if you behave like a moron, not knowing how to deal with the situation, you are bound to be left behind.
In short, I've done fairly a bit for the biking community - especially folding bikes and I am fed-up of being used for other people's gain.

So, what's in store? 
I must live up to my words that I am NOT going to buy any more bikes.
Next year, I will focus on my trips. The bikes are good enough, they don't need anymore upgrades.
Way I see it, the Dahons can hold up pretty much on its own and what's left to do, is to take them out for more and more rides.. So, that said, I look forward to 2012.

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