Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Come on Baby light my trail!

Sigma's new Powerled Evo
Some balsy folks cycle at night with blinkers front and rear.
They've got balls as big as Churchbells. Not me.
I made a beeline to a new bike shop in Damansara Perdana recently. Found out that they are selling a range of Sigma Sports accessories for bicycles and this included headlights.
One that caught my eye was a rechargeable light.
When I asked the store guy, an oldish dude, sleek and mean-looking with an earring entertained me.
He was quite nice and took out the light to show me.
The headlight came with a 4AA adapter and also functions as a flashlight.
You can rig this on your bike and it yields 90LUX. 
The guy told me that this translates to 900 Lumens at full output.
I was impressed.
And it came with a pricetag of RM589 a pop.
Now, an earlier visit to a popular bike store in Damansara Uptown yielded a search for Niterider lights.
But they were damn expensive.
One such find was a rechargeable light at RM1,450.
"Eh, this one brighter than your car headlights la," said one of the sales guy.
Yeah, right.
Even Billy, my cycling buddy had complained about the price there.
The shop is runned by Burmese guys. They don't understand our lingo and the customer-salesman interaction is purely based on guess work.
At the new store, the oldish sales dude, well, I think he is the co-owner of the joint, said his pricing is decent.
I can attest to that.
The Sigma stuff are affordable.
But some of their staff are pure unadulterated morons.
There's also a lower-end headlight going for RM190 a pop. This is competitive to what Cateye had to offer.
Their latest range, the Cateye Econom rechargeable light is just too expensive.
Since the new shop said they cater a full range of Sigma lights, the latest 900 Lumens Powerled Evo is worth the wait. 
I don't know how much this is going to cost, but its definitely worth a go.

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