Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cycling to work series 03 part 1

Car free public holiday
Its Awal Muharam and Monday don't feel like a work day.
Fresh from my ride in Raub, Pahang, I had to set up my Dahon Speed P8 for a ride to work.
The plan is to get to the office via Persiaran Kewajipan's inner road and head towards the Federal Highway.
Now, last Friday, cycling to work was pure torture.
The SRAM Dual-Drive II sytem on my Dahon Jetstream EX had failed.
I knew that there was no other choice than to count on my trustworthy Speed P8.
This is one bike that is built like the Hercules C-130H 'Charlie', tough, robust, able to haul cargo and survive long-distance trips.
For the record, I have circumnavigated the world on an RMAF C130-H30 and this plane can really take the punishment!
That said, after rigging up the Speed P8 with two Ortlieb frontroller panniers, I was on the road.

A test of endurance...
The Speed P8 was making some creaky noise.
It came from my chain and I guess that it was dirty and in dire need of cleaning.
Othewise, everything had turned out the way it should be.
On the average, I was doing 20km/h with the high gear on this bike.
It was a smooth as silk and it took me about 35 minutes to get to the Federal Highway motorcycle lane.
While I was making a turn towards Persiaran Tujuan from USJ1, I saw three cyclists on the road.
One of them was confused and made a U-turn towards USJ 2.
Then, in the distance, I heard someone yelling my name.
"Hey Sam! I am Victor!"
So, it turned out that the guy is Victor Loo from USJ Green Riders.
These are a serious bunch of cyclists whom I have met at the Putrajaya Interparks Ride a coupla times.
I wave to them and turned towards USJ4 and began my climb at SS19.
With only 8 gears, the chore was simple - grind and spin.

A slow day on the highway
The motorcycle lane on the Federal Highway is designed in such a way, you can access places like Shah Alam, Klang, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur with your two-wheelers.
But, as a precaution, always ride on the left-hand side of the lane. The white line closest to you is a guide.
So, there I was, at an intersection, setting up my camera.
While I was at it, I noticed a roadie gliding by.
It took me less than 45-minutes to reach Sungai Way and while I was preparing to climb towards the back road near Tukang Basikal Fook Sang, I noticed a middle-aged man on a Yellow-coloured Brompton folding bike.
I waved at him and yelled: "Good morning!"
The man replied my courtesy as I crunched away on the bike, pulling further into Jalan 223.

signs everywhere: at the Subang bike lane...
 The hunger..
My attempts to fill up my tummy was unsuccessful. Most of the coffeeshops were closed. 
From the Federal Highway, I turned towards Jalan 222 and cruised towards Section 14.
It took me about 1:30:00 to reach Section 16 and the last push was a climb towards Menara Star in Phileo Damansara.
My legs were already sore from the Raub ride, but since the Speed P8 was performing, climbing the short slope in Jalan Datuk Abu Bakar wasn't that bad.
As soon as I hit the office, I changed into my part working attire and went to to do the day's chore.
Later, I had lunch at an Indian restaurant near the office and continued with the day's worth of work...

Finally! At my workstation
In proper perspective..
Well, I reached my office just on time to carry out my work. There's a long day ahead and plenty to be done.
The bike blended well with the environment and since I had to close my pages for the regional edition, I had set my target to leave the office by 5:30pm...
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