Friday, November 11, 2011

Living with Siberian Huskies Part 2

A good run...
We've been enjoying the years with our dogs without any serious issues.
Monthly maintenance is at RM180 for food and incidentals costs like treats, shampoo and other doggy stuff are kept at the minimal.
We don't look at the dogs as a mascot by bringing them to public places like cafes, restaurants and shops.
They are companions we kept purely as pets. 
We also respect non-dog people by keeping them away from places that are deemed sensitive.
There are very few places in Malaysia that are dog-friendly. 
So, with that in mind, we stay away from the public eye...

High prey drive..
One thing that many Sibe owners must be aware of is the high prey drive, one of the traits of this ancient breed.
No small animals had survived a chance encounter with our dogs.
This got me worried especially with the stray cat population outside our gate.

The dogs have an excellent sense of hearing and smell, making them expert hunters.
We don't have issues with rats, roaches and lizards as most of them were systematically plucked out.

Old dogs..
My kids are in their middle-age in dog years.
They have lived half their lifespan and its a matter of time we move to getting a senior feed formula.
But so far, its been so good!
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