Friday, November 11, 2011

First impressions: Tern Link C7

The Link C7, folded
IF you are in the market for an affordable entry-level folding bike, the Tern Link C7 might just fit the bill.
Although its a little heavier than its up-scaled cousins, the C7 has everything it takes for short and middle-distance commutes.
What I like about it, is the comfortable 20" wheels and compact size when folded.
Its space-saving design is also ideal if you live in an apartment.
This no-frills 7-speed ride offers a double-truss design for a solid and smooth ride, so, you can expect it to handle like a full-sized bike minus the twitch.
Another feature that you'll find on the C7, is the 'Q-lock'.
This keeps the handlebar and stem securely locked in position during your rides.

The bike, fully deployed
Even though its a basic entry-level ride, you will find its features and components well ahead of many bikes of its class.
The Link C7 has an estimated street price of RM1.4K and will be available to the public from Nov 19 onwards.
You can give it a test ride at the Tern Tea Party at Rodalink Bandar Botanic in Klang from 3pm - 5pm next Saturday, so, see you there!
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