Sunday, November 6, 2011

Morib - Bagan Lalang Ride - Part 2

Mr Money setting up his ride
A decision...
While having breakfast, Kamo said his butt had hurt.
The bike settings were not up to his riding style.
Michelle said we should turn back.
Since we led the ride, the toss of the coin was to continue to Sg Pelek and call it from there.
I decided to head to Bagan Lalang since I have never cycled there before.
Port Dickson would have to wait.

Mr Money joining in the ride...
Four's a company
We were three kilometres away from Tg Sepat.
I flagged-down Kamo and asked if he wants Mr Money to join in the ride
He made a phone call and the support man agreed. 
From where we stopped, its another 18km to Bagan Lalang.
Kamo had done at least 23km on the Strida and with some adjustments made, he continued. 
Traffic was light as we rode towards the Sepang district.
The drains were overflowing, an indication that it rained heavily in the morning.

Good weather
It wasn't hot at all when we did the ride towards Bagan Lalang. 
We rode past a construction site where we had to push our bikes and down the road, about one kilometre away, was the turning towards the beach front. 
There, we rode for another 4.5km before hitting the Bagan Lalang public beach. I've been to the area before during my team building recce trip for a site. 
There is a big resort there, it was expensive and had some really nasty people working there.

Team Jetstream with Mr Money and Kamo at Bagan Lalang
We took a break at Bagan Lalang and decided to call it a day by riding back to a temple where Mr Money had rigged up his bike.
This is roughly about 18km away.
Although the sun was not out in its full glory, I can feel the effects of lethargy.
I didn't quite have the stamina for this ride.
Michelle too had complained about being really tired.
And the twisting sound from her bike didn't really helped either.
I think the Jetstream P8 must have busted a bearing on the headset.
After arriving at the temple, we parted ways with the Stridans. Kamo had done about 40km while Mr Money clocked half the distance.
Michelle and I continued to ride towards Morib..

A test of mental endurance..
It's been a while since we've done any long-distance rides on our bikes.
The course tried our strength and stamina and mental endurance is the key here.
We kept on pushing and as the last mile approaches, my mind was on getting the bikes hosed down.
Water from the road and some really smelly gunk we've picked up along the way really bothered me.
When we arrived at Morib, Mr Money and Kamo was waiting there.

All the dirt and grime picked up along the ride
Although we didn't do the Port Dickson ride, we were happy to have made it all the way back.
Riding the flats was no joke. It saps your energy.
We were lucky it didn't rained and after clocking in about 78km on the Jetstreams, I must say that we prefer riding our Speed P8 and TR on long-distance courses.
After packing-up, we drove off to Banting and had a char koay teow treat. Mr Money was generous to pick the tab and also left us a bag of sang yuk pow from Tg Sepat.
If we want to ride to Port Dickson, it would be an overnight touring ride. This means, staying a night before shooting back...
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