Sunday, November 6, 2011

Morib - Bagan Lalang Ride Part 1

On the road with Mr Kamo, the Strida Ambassador
This rainy season, the weather sucks as it is unpredictable.
We planned a ride from Morib to Port Dickson (138km loop) and decided that if it rains heavily, we'll pull the plug.
Joining us for the first time was two guys from Strida Bikes Malaysia.
The lead person, Mr Money, wanted to know if the bikes he is selling can weather the distance.
He is also getting feedbacks from Kamo @ Ah Kam, a long-distance rider who was featured in Sin Chew Jit Poh's 'Bicycle Heroes', an article on the who's who in long-distance cycling.
I've never heard of Kamo and was told that he had toured Peninsular Malaysia extensively.
Michelle and I were amused by this young dude who rode the single-speed Strida with his slippers..

Warming up..
We left Morib at about 7:45am after setting up the bikes.
Mr Money provided support to his rider while Michelle took lead and I swept.
During the first 10km, I noticed that Kamo was struggling with the Strida he was riding.
I asked several times if he was okay, all he did was peddle away.
Pretty strong kid!
The distance from Morib to Tg Sepat, our first stop, is roughly about 18km.
We rode towards Batu Laut as Mr Money stopped at various stages of the ride to get some snapshots of his rider..

Arrival at Tg Sepat 
 Breakfast and a little chat...
We arrived at Tg Sepat, some 40 minutes after leaving Morib.
It was a smooth ride, but the air quality sucked.
The smell of chicken poop permeates in the air.
I overtook the riders to get a clear shot of them arriving.
Then, led them to Wei Kei, a bak kut teh shop where we had our breakfast.
The choices were limited because there were simply too many people from KL eating there.
While indulging in a conversation with Mr Money, a motorcyclist suddenly crashed his bike.
Seems that he was spooked by the sudden moves of a patron at the shop.
We continued eating and learned more about our newfound friends and their Stridas.
Kamo, it seems, will ride for 2,000km in East Malaysia next year.
He will be supported by Strida Bikes and is the official ambassador for the brand.
We were pretty amazed by the triangular bike and the distances it could yield...

The 16" Strida and our bikes...

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