Thursday, November 24, 2011

Check your Tern's handlebar latches

I received an SMS this morning from Ah Wai Kor, my big, big, boss.
He told me he have had a bad start cycling his spanking new Tern Link D8 bike.
Wai Kor chose an Orange/White bike as his pick and cycled it for a few rounds before he crashed.
Being a true sport, he said: "Ah, nevermind.. Nevermind.. This evening, I will go riding again.."
IF that had happened to any other big wig, my ass will be fired.
Why? I was the person who recommended him the bike and he bought two.

The damaged latch cover

Lock failure: The pin did not engage
Latch failure
Ah Wai Kor had asked me to take a look at his Tern.
I wasted no time and drove to his residence.
Outside his home, his driver told me what had happened. The handlebar disengaged while he was cycling.
My big, big boss had hit the ground hard. 
Using his hands, he broke the fall and also injured his lips.

Injured: Ah Wai Kor showing off his wounds
Return and exchange...
I rang up my contact from K2 Asia and told him about the failure.
It was a brand-new bike, barely a day old.
Lucky thing was the rider wasn't hurt really bad.
I brought the bike to Rodalink in Desa Sri Hartamas and got it exchanged with a new bike.
So, if you have a Tern Link D8, check your handlebar's latch. Make sure that its secure before you ride.
Also, check your seatpost. Seems that the factory-settings are also a bit loose....
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