Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good News from Etowah Edge

I just received an email from knifemaker James Sanders on my order.
Took nearly a year for him to work on a large camp knife and I must say that Mr Sander's work is second to none.
James is the owner of Etowah Edge and some time back, I ordered the Cruiser M-1 field blade from him.
The turnaround time was prompt and I was very pleased with his workmanship.
You don't get many makers who can produce a fixed blade at specifications that are mind-blowing.
The knife has a 1/4" thick spine and its grind made it really easy to maintain in the field...

A large blade from James destined for Blade last year..
Reliable piece
You can never judge a piece by looking at a photo.
But, having worked with the Cruiser M-1, I am convinced to follow-up with a larger blade.
The pricing was decent and as far as workmanship and quality, the M-1 is top-notched.

The turnaround time by a Custom knifemaker can vary from three months to a few years.
They have a huge backorder list and if you are one of those 'hurried' people, you might not have the patience to wait.
My order for a large 7.5" blade took nearly two years.
But, I am convinced that James will do a good job with the knife.

The Cruiser M-1 and my field tools
In my last correspondence with James, he is going to take two weeks to work on the large blade.
This gave me ample time to prepare for payment and receive the knife.
So, fingers crossed!
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